The World of a Businesswoman


Most people see me as a successful businesswoman, and they keep asking me how do I do it? How do I manage to keep on top? Well, I wasn’t born learned, and had people who helped me along the way. At first, I had people help helping me by offering me good advice, but now, people help me by being good co-workers, because a business company isn’t a competition, it’s a cooperation. So, I’ll show you how to find good workers for your company, because good working force is extremely important for a company to succeed.

First of all, you need to send out an ad that you need to hire workers for whatever position may it be. Write out all the specifications that you’ll require your new worker to have, and publish them in ads. Most of the ads are now online; buds don’t run away from the newspapers too.

tm-image1After publishing the ad, you’ll start to receive a lot of CVs and letters of application. Read the letters, but don’t let them be the determining point in your decision. Read the CV carefully, and don’t do it too fast. Check out the person’s experience, education and skills, because those are the most important things in a CV. After selecting the appropriate number of candidates, call them in for a face to face talk.

After meeting with the candidates, ask them about what they’ve written in their CVs, but also, don’t shy away from some personal questions; that way you’ll discover more about the candidate. After selecting the right candidate, put him on trial work, to make sure that he can make it in this business world. This trial work usually lasts for about 2 months, and after that, if he shows that he’s good at this job, you hire him. If he shows that he’s not very good at it, call another person you met during the conversation, and put him on trial work.

And there you go. It’s simple, and by choosing a good coworker, you’ll make your company grow, as I have, when I was starting up my company, which is one of the leading companies nowadays. Also, remember to have fun sometimes. Work can be fun too, but only if you make it fun. So, in a good company work can be extremely enjoyable, and besides from that, it can also be very successful.

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